Iftkhar Ali Says Disability is just a matter of perception.

Published On: March 19, 2018 at 7:56 PM 0 Comments R Baranwal


The quote is not just a statement but the reality of Iftkhar Ali. He was diagnosed with polio in his childhood but the disease could be a hurdle to his goals. He did not receive any special treatment and was provided equal opportunities as others even in school. This helped him develop a strong mindset and confidence that was required to face the world. Unhappy with the limited job profile, he wanted to explore more and decided to quit the job of business analyst in HCL and TCS. He is a perfect example of self-belief. He had the confidence which led him clear the CAT exam on the first attempt. Admission in IIM was a turning point in his life. He was now filled with more grit and determination.

Now Iftkhar Ali is running own IT company, ALIQAN Technologies, since last 4 years with a healthy portfolio of clients which includes big names like HCL, Wipro, Indian Air Force, Shiv Nadar Foundation, Landmark Group, Allizhealth, The Football Link among others. Initially, it was difficult as he had to depend on others but now he need not rely on others to survive. Recently, he has also started another company ALIQAN Trainings wherein he is imparting corporate training to companies and colleges. He is also planning to venture into a preparatory coaching setup for the graduates and undergraduates. All this was possible because his parents and brothers who had confidence and faith in his decisions. Learning from his experience, every disabled person should conquer his fears and get educated as people will come, criticize and leave. Even the society should help them in a normal education rather than the ‘special’ one and more accessibility should be provided to them to aid them to achieve their dreams.

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